ABS Massage & SPA POS System

The following are some of the software features:

  • Maintain a Master masseur database, which includes record of: Name, Photo, Passport Number, Work permit, basic pay, and other details.
  • Manage your masseur appointments and your customer booking slots with ease. No more messy manual records.
  • Generate customer pre-order / add-on order checklist before printing final Tax invoice.
  • Job time control management function which includes alarm notification feature which alerts before and after the time allocated.
  • Enable an efficient work order scheduling of masseur to prevent any dispute.
  • Ad-hoc inter-branch masseur transferring feature.
  • Daily reports of Masseur Job Status, which includes daily sales report for each individual masseur, i.e. Cashier Shift Collection Reports.
  • Multiple collection types by cash, credit card, member redemption, voucher.
  • Integration with security locker system.
  • Commission calculation and reports for masseurs, cashiers, and branch managers.
  • Highly Customizable and Flexible yet secure multi-level login system control which allows different level of privileges and functions for owners, managers, supervisors and counter cashiers.
  • Allows for consolidation for multiple branches.
  • Includes Membership Loyalty Program which can track and monitor member records, spending, points, and gift redemption history.
  • Able to customize details for Special Packages for members
  • Payment for membership can be a lump sum payment or in installments.

Software Screenshot