ABS Hotel Front Office System is a comprehensive piece of desktop software for hotel front desk management.

It is easy to use and equipped with many powerful features to handle the various daily routine operations at any hotel.

Front Office System

An easy-to-use front office system which handles daily routine hotel operations from guest registration, room reservation to check-out, and everything in between.

Electronic Door Lock

Our electronic door lock is specially designed and developed based on the lock manufacturer's experiences, feedback from hundreds of thousands of users, and development trend from time to time.

Hotel Website + Online Booking Engine

Powered by our versatile in-house developed online booking engine, ABS Online Reservation System lets hotel guests make room reservations anywhere and anytime. The Online Reservation System works seamlessly with our ABS Front Desk System in a real-time manner.

Mobile Applications

ABS Housekeeping App works seamlessly with the ABS Front Desk Housekeeping Module to facilitate daily housekeeping routines at every hotel. ABS Reservation App serves as a mobile counterpart of the ABS Web-based Booking Engine to enable guests to make room reservations while on the move.


Massage & SPA System