Electronic Door Lock

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Our electronic door lock is specially designed and developed based on the lock manufacturer's experiences, feedback from hundreds of thousands of users, and development trend from time to time. The door locks are a blend of precision machinery and microelectronic advancement, featuring the highest level of security and privacy. All locks come with their own software interface to facilitate system integration.
RFID Hotel Door Lock
RFID Hotel Door Lock
Hotel Door Lock
Smart Hotel Door Lock
Energy Saving Switch
Elevator Controller
Hotel Door Access Controller
Function Description
Function of self-diagnosis digital display in deduction zone helps implement sound operations and eliminate problems.
Function of suite applicable for specially designed house layout (for instance in room or villa).
Function of public gate applicable for public facilities of guests e.g. swimming pool, underground park etc.
Function of time limit The card can be set with an expiration time. After that, the door cannot be opened by this card.
Function of room reservation The card can be preset to be usable beginning at a certain time, which is convenient for group reservations.
Function of emergency The emergency card can be used to open the door at any time under every condition.
Function of free entrance The free entrance card enables the door to stay open at certain time, which is convenient for places such as conference rooms, offices and so on.
Function of No-Disturbing By turning the inside switch, the lock can be set with no disturbing function. When the door is opened from outside by anyone, a warning will be given immediately.
Function of automatic detection If this function is enabled, a warning will be given when the door is not securely locked, reminding the guest to lock the door firmly
Function of low-battery alarm under low battery conditions, an alarm will be given when the managerial staff tries to open the door. The door can still be opened for at least fifty times under such condition.
Function of VIP first A VIP guest can use his/her VIP card not only to open the room door of his/her room, but also to access to other places such as the health club and the entertainment center.

Check-In Encode Keycard

During the check-in process for hotel guest, system is required to encode the check-in details into the keycard.


Check-Out Encode Keycard

During the check-out process for hotel guest, system is required to decode the details on the keycard.


Extend Keycard

Extending hours can be done in system and requires encoding the keycard again.

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