Hotel Self Check-in Kiosk System

Monthly Subscription As Low As RM 1000 Only

Hotel guests no longer need to worry about confusing procedures or waiting in line for counter service, resulting in more pleasant hotel stays.
kiosk system features

Identification / Booking Number Check In

Choose your prefer type for check in.
1. Check In with your identification.
2. Check In with your booking number


Forgot Booking Number?
Use Identity Check In

Passport / IC. No need worry your booking records / number. Use your passport or IC. The Kiosk will automatically search for the bookings you have booked at the hotel.


Booking Number Check In

Type in the OTA Booking Number from Travel Booking Platform. Exp: Agoda,, Expedia, or etc.


Your Personal Info

Scan your Passport / IC. After confirming the page, you will need to enter your personal information. Old Method: Time consuming, type in data in front desk. With Kiosk: Just scan it and all your information will be recorded in seconds.


Cashless Payment System

Use your credit, debit card or E-Wallet. Book from or else? Forget to bring out the cash? Pay the bill using your credit card/debit card or E-Wallet.



Kiosk automatically issue key card without the front desk manager. Once the payment is completed, kiosk will issue the key card to the hotel guest.