Why Choose ABS

We stay at the forefront of the industry with the perfect business solutions for hotels, resorts and serviced apartments.

Technology for today and future

The world are going for chromium- based and HTML 5 Standard browser which enable user to run their system in CROSS PLATFORM beside Windows. It powers the applications across different platforms including MacOS, iOS, Android and others, and device types, like a smartphone, tablet and more.

CROSS PLATFORM application is the future, ABS 5.0 Cloud Computing Hotel system is developed by Modern Development Programming Platform and run on the latest cloud technology environment. This cross platform system is built for today and future, you have no worries compare to those system which are run on single windows platform with Internet explorer only.

Localized Software

ABS Hotel System is specially designed and built to cater for the Malaysian hospitality industry, with recommendations, feedback and expectations gathered over the years from local hoteliers. We are also able to customize for markets from outside Malaysia to fit your requirements if needed. This is very important as you will be able to integrate it in your daily operations with minimal time and fuss.

Upgradable & Scalable

We refine our systems continually to include more functionality to keep up with the current market needs and trends and to stay relevant technology-wise. Till this day, we have developed add-on modules like Hotel Membership Systems, Online Booking Engine, Mobile Apps, Self-Check In Kiosk Systems and last but not least -our latest Cloud Computing hotel System. We believe it is very important to be sensitive to the ever-changing needs of the market to maintain a challenging front so as to assist you better as our valued customer.

Affordable Pricing

Our products are always priced competitively without compromising on our system features. This way we believe that we can help hoteliers to manage their hotel with no worries. Our past record also shows that we do not overcharge our customers, which is why we have so many customers using our software since we started operations 15 years ago.

Nationwide Support Centers with Unlimited Online Support

At ABS, we believe in being customer-oriented always. We have business partners throughout Malaysia and also overseas, and we provide our best service to support hoteliers with comprehensive support policies. Besides providing on-site training, we also provide quality after-sales services (including online support) by a team of qualified software engineers.

Partnership with education institution

Our success is also built upon the establishment of good partnerships we have with local education institutions over the years. ABS's easy-to-use and humanized features was a key factor in ABS Hotel Software being selected as the preferred software for use as training materials for their hospitality students. ABS is proud to be able to play an important role in this aspect.

Protecting your investment

We are concerned about protecting your investment. We value our customers’ advice and thus we are always challenging ourselves to excel in our industry so that we can provide value-added products- especially on the system security needs to prevent potential fraudulent actions done on the system by the front office staff. Overall, a better security system will enhance the hotel’s operating flow as well as increase the hotel’s profitability.

Always listening and grow together with hoteliers

So far, we have completed 500+ cases of installations and implementations. Some of them have been loyal customers who have used ABS for their first hotel and subsequently continued to do so for their new hotels and gradually progressed to become a multi-hotel group. There are also about 15% of our customer base were also converted customers from other hotel software. This proves that ABS is reliable and remains the top choice for hoteliers.