As one of the pioneer solution providers in the hospitality sector, ABS Software International, a Malaysia MSC Status company is committed to provide software and hardware solutions to the local and international hospitality sectors. The founding partners of the company comprise a team of experienced pioneers with over 20 years of experience in the information technology industry. ABS Software International focuses on enhancing the effectiveness of its clients businesses with hotel software implementation. The formidable company has earned an impressive reputation, with business partners throughout Malaysia constantly supporting its development.

For the past two decades, the company has specialized in innovative software solutions, maintenance and consultancy services to customers. Dedicated teams made up of dynamic and proactive employees are constantly trying to develop new software solutions and improvements to accommodate new business needs for valued customers. ABS believes that service excellence has prompted it into providing comprehensive information technology solutions. This proactive company believes the process of computerization is a process of System Change that requires a touch of customized planning and implementation. ABS Software International has extended its commitment from standard software and customized software solutions to a wide range of complementary services.

This company has a network of sales and support throughout Malaysia. Together with its business partners, ABS Software International ensures that its customers can have excellent training and prompt service at all time.

ABS Software International’s leading software solution, ABS Hotel Management System is the state-of-the art management software well-renowned throughout the hotel industry. This user-friendly and versatile software can assist users to manage every aspect of their business and operations - from basic functions like reservation, check in, checking out and billing up to very comprehensive Data Analytics and Business Diagnostics reporting for management decisions. Today ABS Software International has more than 1000+ satisfied users nationwide and is expanding its clientele to other ASEAN countries including Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Cambodia, Brunei and Myanmar.

Having won the SME100 Fast Moving Companies Award in 2013 and 2022 PIKOM APICTA Award, the prestigious recognition is testimonial of ABS Software International's success and continuous focus towards quality, customer satisfaction, growth and long term sustenance.

In a nutshell, ABS Software International’s mission states its purpose as a company and serves as the benchmark against which it weighs its actions and decisions. It aims to provide “One Stop Solution” to the hospitality sector with cutting edge and state-of-the art technology throughout strong IT professional support team as well as to serve and inspire the hospitality sector to provide customer and service excellence.

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